2018 NCAA and NFL Home Game Tailgating

The 2018 football season is finally here! If you didn’t know, ThingToBring was originally created to make our own tailgates easier and more organized. Everyone bringing beer was great, but we all watched the game hungry and maybe just a little wobbly.  T2B solved our tailgating duplicates and we had a feast. We love tailgating!

Last year we created a new feature making a whole season of tailgating super simple and you loved it.  We added the 2018 home schedule for all NCAA and NFL teams in your T2B dashboard automatically populating a full season of tailgating events for your favorite teams. We’ve done the hard part, now get to it — select your team, invite your friends and create your whole season of home game tailgating signups in just a few minutes.

home game tailgating schedule signup

The tailgating signup feature series is for premium users.  Select your preference – $5/mo or $30/yr/.

Then, simply select your team, add the things you’d like people to bring to each tailgate, or let your friends add their own things. ThingToBring will generate a link that you can send to your friends to view all of the home games.  All they have to do is RSVP and sign up for things to bring to games they will be attending. Invite your usual suspects to the all of your home game tailgates at one time and monitor what everyone is bringing to each game throughout the season.

Register and create an event at thingtobring.com.

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