Hi, I’m Steve.  That’s me (the older guy) tailgating with my family at a USF game (GO BULLS!).  I created ThingToBring.com and the Thing2Bring iPhone app because I am obsessed with cookouts and tailgates and I wanted an easier way for my friends to coordinate who is bringing what to the next party.  As further evidence of my obsession, I founded another website called GrillingCompanion.com and wrote the Grill-It! and MeatTemps apps for iPhone and iPad.  Check them out for some delicious ideas of what to cook for your next party and then come back to ThingToBring to tell everyone what to bring.  Drop me an email and let me know what else ThingToBring can do to make your event planning life easier.  Also, follow me on Twitter for updates on the site and random and mostly useless and silly stuff I find interesting 


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