Create a Birthday Gift Registry Sign Up Sheet

How often have you sent out invitations for your son or daughter’s birthday party and gotten the question “what are they in to?”?  At first glance, creating a birthday gift registry for kids may seem tacky, but can’t you think of times when it would have helped you when you were rushing through the store on the way to the party because you forgot to get a gift?  I know it would have saved me on several occasions!  What about friends and family that can’t come and/or live out of town?  Maybe they want some ideas that they can order online and have shipped to the special birthday boy or girl. and Thing2Bring for iPhone can help.  Simply create your birthday party invitation and add a few toys as “Things” that your child really likes to play with.  You can also specify the theme for the party.  If the theme is Star Wars, well, there are tons of ideas right there for birthday gift shopping.  Then add the email addresses for the people you want to invite to the party.  They will receive an email containing a link to sign up for Things to bring to your party.  They can either sign up for the exact toy you added or use the list (or theme) as a suggested gift registry and buy toys that are similar.  I can see that Spencer is in to Star Wars, but it looks like Nana is bringing that Star Wars Lego Storm Trooper set already.  I bet he doesn’t have the Interceptor!

As an added bonus, how many times have you forgotten to jot down who brought what toy to the party?  Remember that cold sweat that hits you when you are filling out the thank you cards and you can’t remember who brought the Nerf gun?  ThingToBring allows invitees to add their own ThingToBring to your party.  So if they are bringing something you didn’t have on the list, but add their toy to the list, you have a record of who brought what from the birthday gift registry!  No more writing vague thank you notes!

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