Post On The ThingToBring Message Board

You have an event and you have things for people to bring. Awesome! Now bring on the fun with the talk, the questions, the banter leading up to the event. Particularly with tailgates and potlucks — there are no missed opportunities for a little razzing.

Use the message board to ask for a specific cake flavor, suggest a favorite kind of beverage or trash talk about who’s going to make the best appetizer. Calm down friends, not everything has to be a competition, but the message board sure does help put the fun in planning an upcoming gathering.

ThingToBring Message Board

ThingToBring subscribers now have access to the message board feature for their upcoming events. If you’re not a subscriber, it’s super simple and worth every penny. You can sign up here for $5/mo or $30/year.

Additional features we’ve recently added for premium users include:

  • Create a landing page for all of your events
  • Display a name instead of just an email address
  • Automated reminders to guests
  • Duplicate events
  • Edit your event or things

Gather – it doesn’t matter where it matters with who and the memories you can create.  Make it easy for the host and everyone else with

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