My Ultimate Picnic Sign Up Sheet

It is August and I live in Florida, so that means just walking to the car is an opportunity to sweat off a few pounds.  However, August does mean that the “dog days of Summer” are soon coming to an end and always gets me thinking about those cooler days and picnics at the park.  Yeah, I am so obsessed with the thought of cooler days ahead that I am already making my sign up sheet for the first picnic of Fall.  It is never too early to start, right?  I won’t send it out to my friends and family just yet, but I can certainly start planning my ultimate picnic menu.

So now I give you my ultimate picnic sign up sheet.  This isn’t final yet, but it is a good start.  I still have a few weeks before anyone will feel like spending an afternoon in the park, so this will probably change.  I’m sticking to traditions for this first one because nothing kicks off a good picnic like the smell of charcoal burning and some burgers and hotdogs waiting to hit the grill.  If I can plan far enough ahead of time, I might add some BBQ ribs to the menu.

What would be on your ultimate picnic sign up sheet?

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