Ourtailgate.com Alternative

Our_Tailgate_comHave you been using Ourtailgate.com and recently learned they are no longer supporting newly created accounts?  According to ourtailgate.com, they have “suspended technical support until further notice.”

The ability to manage a full season of tailgates comes in really handy when you have your regular group of compadres that gather every home game with a pre-planned menu.  The ourtailgate.com site intended to elimate the headaches, calls, emails and group text messages that comes with tailgate event planning.

ThingToBring.com was developed in 2012 for many of the same reasons – our founder didn’t want to get stuck bringing all the food to his tailgates and realized too much confusion among what everyone was bringing.  Tailgating is way too much fun to be stressed about the menu and who’s bringing the drinks or plasticware.

As an alternative to the ease you found with ourtailgate.com, ThingToBring can now manage full seasons by creating a custom page of multiple events. You can easily duplicate events so you can make quick edits and then send the full season to your regular tailgate attendees all at once.

We’re sad to see such a great service like ourtailgate.com come to end. We’re hopeful optimists that maybe we can find a way to partner with the ourtailgate.com team to offer ThingToBring as the ourtailgate.com alternative.  In the meanwhile search no more for a tailgate organizer, T2B has you covered.

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