Tailgate Food Wins

Garden grilling

From the most elaborate to the simplest of tailgates, aside from the wonderful company, the food is what makes a winning tailgate party. Here are some ideas to score a win at your next tailgate and how to get all of your tailgaters involved in the menu.


Chili – A fall and winter favorite that can be made at home and transported with a portable gas burner to keep it warm. With so many great complements to this dish like cheese, sour cream, crackers and a cold salad on the side, it gives your tailgating guests a chance to get involved.

Sliders – Chicken, beef or pork, sliders make an easy grilling or crockpot favorite with creative stackers to join the main protein in between the buns. Coleslaw, condiments, tomato slices, pickles, chips, side salads, beans are all asks to your friends for items to bring.

Brats – There’s nothing better than brats at a tailgate. Don’t forget the onions, green peppers, sauerkraut and sides of your liking to add to your list for guests to bring.

Ribs – A southern favorite on the grill with a homemade rub or barbecue sauce will have tailgaters’ mouths around you watering. Baked beans, macaroni salad, garlic bread, corn on the cob makes for a perfect meal without all of the burden on the tailgate host.

Anything on a skewer – Really, just about anything. Veggies, chicken, shrimp, even some fruit. Stack your favorites on a stick or let your guest build their own before grilling. A kabob tailgate it is.

Don’t take the food burden as the tailgate host. Get all of your tailgaters involved with an easy to use sign up sheet like Thing To Bring. In fact tailgating was the inspiration for building ThingToBring. Our founder, Steve, has always been the host and organizer for USF football games and his guests continually asked – what can I bring? He wrote the first version of the service for his own personal use so he could assign them a thing to bring.

Plan the best tailgate party with top notch tailgate food by getting everyone involved in planning the menu and bringing the food. Gather and be merry. Go Team!

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